Get Total Prizes IDR 2,560,000,000 !!

Event Date:
1st Mar 2023 00:00 AM to 1st April 2023 00:00 AM (Beijing Time)

Term & Conditions:

1. Cash Drop will run weekly from Friday to Friday between 1st Mar 2023 00:00 AM to 1st April 2023 00:00 AM (Beijing Time).

2. Min bet to participate is 2000 IDR or currency equivalent.

3. The max bet amount eligible for the prize calculation is 5,000 IDR. If the bet exceeds 5,000 IDR the extra value over 
    will not be used for the prize calculation.

    Sample Computation:
    Total Bet Amount: 8,000 IDR
    Qualified Bet Amount: 5,000 IDR
    Multiplier Won: 1000X
    PRIZE WON : 5,000 X 1000 = 5,000,000 IDR

4. There are unlimited prizes worth 50,000 IDR which will be given to lucky players during promotion period.

    Total : Unlimited
     Big Prize : 5000x  








5. Qualified Games: All of ION SLOT Games(live casino not included)

6. ION SLOT reserves the right to amend, suspend or cancel the promotion at any time and without prior notice.